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tv   [untitled]    August 17, 2011 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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we. covered. we've gone to. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. it's four thirty pm here in moscow these are the top stories from our cheap aviation sensation russians fifth generation fighter has made its international debut at moscow's airshow buyers and flying out next watch as cutting edge aircraft take to the skies near the capital of live coverage of the aviation festival throughout the day right here on our feet. more wobbles on the global markets after berman and paris ignored the advice of investors on how to save the euro zone from going under angle of merkel and nicolas sarkozy want the e.u.
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economic government but are refusing to expand the valid fund and release euro bonds. but activists say a british investigation into torture allegations is a farce after the government says only it will decide whether to actually repeat the results it's claimed british officers have been involved in the forcible interrogation of prisoners overseas for years. now the republic of the russian caucuses is gearing up for an early election following the death of its president stakes are high for any future leader as the region is still recovering from the conflict with neighboring georgia next we talked to one of the presidential candidates prime minister sergei shamba about the challenges his country faces. we are in the republic of a pause here where perpetrations are underway for the august presidential election sergey sean what is the country's prime minister and also one of the candidates and
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he's here with us today the upcoming election is the second presidential election after a pause there again recognition what does it say about a policy as a more an independent state. we have been an independent state for a longer time than we've been recognized so this is in fact already our fourth election democracy is working its way into our society and so each time elections get more democratic republic gets involved more actively and so we expect this time it will be a democratic process how many international observers will be there at the elections and we'll have a number of international observers no doubt we had quite a lot of them during the previous election and they came from different countries including some european states who's been invited and who has agreed to come and visit and we'll definitely have representatives from those countries that recognize us as well as officials from multiple international organizations political parties including those from europe and they will receive invitations from our parliament and our central election committee what else is done to make sure these elections
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are fair and conform to international standards. the observers reported that our previous election conforms with the standards of democracy and that the election procedure was well thought through although there has been some feedback from the candidates on what could be improved and that has been considered by parliament in order to make the election outcome even more reliable. the prime minister of our cause yet your main competitor is the acting president how do you manage the country. the governmental mechanisms are working as currently in accordance with our constitution presidential duties are performed by the parliament speaker all the ministries are working as usual you with concerns. the elections will be falsified and promise to fight if your victory will be taking from you hope for a you ready to go. election for is nothing but lying to our own people for if the worst crime one could commit all of us here in our cause you would do everything to
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never let that happen political tensions put the country on the brink of civil war in two thousand and four as a threat today. if someone attempts to rig the ballot or pull some dirty tricks then of course it could be a threat or the world what will your foreign policy priorities be well enough for our priority strategic partner is russia and our foreign policy will focus on relations with russia in addition to this we keep working on getting whether more distant countries to recognize us we're looking for partners for friendly states which are less dependent on nato's policy and the united states and despite some quite high pressure from the major powers such states are ad where this process continues and it will not stop we are convinced that a cheating further international recognition will to a significant extent depend on how we keep on developing as a country on our progress in home affairs and what example we'll be setting. is joining russia an option any time and if you church. we are highly interested in
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joining those international organizations that russia our strategic partner is a member of for instance such organizations as the shanghai cooperation organization with this joint military program also you are a sec and the customs union and many other organizations we'd like to participate wherever possible that's our interest but we are not talking about becoming part of another state and neither is russia thinking in such terms for our talks with georgia possible. in a certain form after talks with georgia are still ongoing if we think of the geneva talks as for direct dialogue i think it is possible and will be necessary in future though right at the moment the prospects to reach a consensus on this matter appear quite negative with first of all the georgian authorities have themselves restricted the possibilities for dialogue by adopting the law on occupied territories this doesn't leave any chance for maintaining a dialogue is there fear of another georgian aggression. we are quite used to it by
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now and we have had to deal with a number of acts of aggression but now that we have a strategic partnership with russia which defines our mutual obligations it gives us reliable security guarantees and our society has stopped considering the external threat to our security as a priority issue we have other top priority threats to deal with now. was how far is georgia prepared to go to restore what it calls its territorial integrity question these are the roots of our conflict that lie in the fact that georgia is claiming our territory as long as they keep claiming it there is no way to reach an agreement with which georgian refugees are allowed to return to the bordering district of golly are you prepared to let them return to their homes and so whom the capital of a clause yet. this process has actually been completed those people who wanted to return did so those who didn't are adapting to their lives that there are new places of residence and they should be receiving help both from the international
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community and georgian authorities because the problem of refugees is a two way problem which should be addressed everywhere via a combined two way approach those people who can be brought back home should be helps to return and that's what we did in jew course both those who couldn't return should be helped find accommodation where they ended up living with those people who can be brought back home should be helps to return and that's what we did in due time well those who couldn't return should be helps to accommodate where they ended up living or those people who have been returned home want to be citizens with full rights we have been visiting janzen settlements in the bordering district of galilee jury in the election campaign and the main thing the district residents are asking for is to speed up the process of recognizing their citizenship providing them with passports and that's what we want to help them become our country citizens with full rights under just to all international processes through this there is a whole generation of people in
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a cause there who survived two wars with georgia. during the past twenty years how is it possible at all for these people to live peaceful lives is good but it is or if we speak of youth organizations we have twelve such groups in our cars and two of them are pitches are paid in the fair election campaign their position is neutral and they're going to be observing the upcoming election ten other organizations have gone public with their decision to support my candidacy because it needs foreign investments but is it possible to attract capital to projects in the country when its legal and economic status is dealt with by some potential investors with us yes we have a law that provides guarantees to businesses and international investors and we are working on other additional mechanisms to provide security guarantees for their business we're very interested in it and our laws will be increasing the extent of security guarantees for their business we do want to attract more investors the russian city of sochi is very close to our cause is there any profit for
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a cause in the fact that so much is being invested into sochi is a limpid project when we were with just about the current stage we are already co-working on this project we're supplying the olympic construction sites with inertia materials and there are a number of other projects which we are interested in participating in but it is possible we will at any rate we're already receiving support on some communications projects as you know we will change alone to restore our railway system and we've signed a level of intense pertaining to the reconstruction of our airport and we are considering all these in the context of the sochi olympic project. sergei shamba thank you for your time with us today. thanks christine to twenty million years for the planet to recover from a major extinction event for the planet is time we don't. it's been going
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on for months what if we five years and since it's been an eco terrorist before there was even islamic fundamentalist terrorist in this country twenty nine eleven happened the bush administration could not find any terrorists because the feds couldn't find any real terrorists they decided to take these young people who are accused of property sabotage and label them as terrorists someone he'll destroy property. with absolutely zero intention of harming a single human being i in my mind it's not a terrorist real people who are green in this country are the housewives who recycle. and the children who play trees on the weekend with her cub scout troops that's. found. time to catch. up.
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i am emission free accreditation and free transport charges free the maintenance free. three stooges free.
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the old free lunch can split me over for your media projects and a free meal john darche dogs tom. please. play it took. a. pic of your daughter. this is truly stinky since he flips the balance time from the field listening to the soviet files and ati sled.
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plans. closer. to. the language of approach. same upchuck flights adlard seems. to the max air show. for. the. russians would be soo much more rights than if you knew about someone from feinstein the french and some. of these for instance on t.v. don't come. wealthy british soil samples and sometimes the tires touch.
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the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports.
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margie's top stories aviation sensation russians fifth generation fighter has made its international debut at moscow's they're a show buyers and flying out next watch as the cutting edge aircraft take to the skies near the capital we have live coverage of the festival here on our cheek. more wobbles on the global markets afterbirth than in paris ignore the advice of investors are how to save the euro zone from going under angle of merkel and nicolas sarkozy wants an e.q. economic government but are refusing to expand the bell out front and released euro bonds. because activists say a british investigation into torture allegations is a farce after the government says only it will decide whether to actually release
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the results of its claims british officers have been involved in the forcible interrogation of prisoners overseas for years and. more stories coming your way in fifteen minutes next in sport here on r.t. . thank you for joining me the wednesday all the new sports update and here's a taste of what's coming up using still come from a goal down to beat former russian champions rubin three one in france in the first leg of their champions league playoffs. maria marches on cheer up of that leads the russian charge around the street with him he'll use the tree at the cincinnati monsters. later expectations can show runners up after this season's types of going to try a new rival the swedish super. first of all paul and russian side remain have it
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all to do if they want to reach the group stages of this season's champions league because ounce i can see that an early leads to these three want french in the first leg of their qualifying playoff ravine enjoyed a dream start with a mere jab the other from them head on just three minutes but the arc were level seven minutes later to a team beat to go in the dark on goal from sullivan just before half time in geneva leon's sunday first with strike the french side victory czech champions victorious wells on day even better with a three one always when it came to make it a sixpence and benfica shed a tear to draw in the netherlands but a body saw french films last played at a one one draw in belarus osteo walkouts third minute strife gave also i want to know when everything delays and at the emirates the gunners missed key players as well as selling themselves fabregas to barcelona but stressed. inside. your department we would have considered four or five goals for
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a team like ours and everyone was talking about it we were a sparse salt you know going to come to consideration. and it's hasn't been easy. games played great team like arsenal we could have lost my man we were nervous and the start confidence minute by minute. right in the meantime says fabric us could make a fairytale play be for his home side barcelona when it counts this wednesday night in the second leg of the spanish super cup against fierce rivals real madrid size drew the first right to the bone about leaving the islands on the ice age but also coached about the other says his team would major produce an extraordinary performance though to win the cup that he was quite over him he would make for the big game given the burgeoning talent he has in his squad that. we have to manage this kind of situation of the season we're spoke about. in the. players a huge player. but there are many many many games. they've got in this
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day and i can imagine that every press conference for me after the training session the people he has went let's why i don't play this guy why i didn't play this player. and it's now a former world number one maria sharapova has stormed into the third round of the cincinnati open with an imperious display in her first match against former and spicier i don't have a cheer up of all is seeded fourth in ohio and have received a guy into the second round but she took just over an hour to mark out a stray an opponent's trap about converting the first pope three that points wrap it up six one six three. and they were also first round that she's going on russian is not good but the robot and maria kirilenko is both one the bears have a twelve seed panacea probably trying to that is out reason to the f. and that's up to me last three williams was feeling the toll of last week's title winning run in toronto the american was clearly relieved to have got through her opener against lesser known check you see. before mark world number one took the
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first set easily enough six three and she was looking comfortable but then she let match point slip in the second set into the edging is tiebreaker. while french open champion ali is through to the last sixteen of the chinese start was in great form intimacy of the czech republic gnarly was equally impressive from the baseline and of the net a lot of nerves got the better of at the crucial moments and she returned the ball into the next to lose it six three six four in a match that lasted less than an hour and a half. none of those are recent events for roger federer in the men's draw the swiss mascot blitzing argentina's one martin del potro the man who beat him in the u.s. open final two years ago federer showing glimpses of his very best in the first set which he took six three rounds even though the second was tough for the world and three still the crucial late great to so about seven five i did then heads to the last sixteen. but you missed james blake the partisan home crowd were eager for him
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to make up for andy roddick's early exit the day before and blake did just that difference and this is funny in less than an hour. runtastic four hands in the first set six for. greece and the second sixty is sitting so pretty sure things are right this the other hand. joining him is number eight seed thomas build if he scrapes the first set on a tirade against i want to go and perform i'm certain with a check would win but he soon silenced any doubters plowing through the net next set six games to love and finishing off with a snatch was the origin side. while it was an easy first round match go in for joe will plead tsonga to return to the top ten in the a.t.p. rankings on monday and he lived up to his new status summer stretched crotch marin church to the limit in a blistering six ports six three when it's
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a french recounts his first outing most to me is to go out of wimbledon in the sunny finals and eventually champion. last month. while rather reached a big landmark the thirty two year old not stop when about three hundred on the tour and making the victory even sweeter is the fact that you and pressing twenty one aces local giant john isner seven five five seven seven six the final school. and another is crushed because i've got to think that maybe into the second round he beat ukraine set against the course of the next phase last week finalist montreal's nor the fish however fellow russian because usually suffered a first round exit at the hands of michael dodd of france. now the international olympic committee has said russia is making substantial progress in preparation for their first winter games while their medal hopes also received a boost as south korean short track speed skating greats are consumed says he'll
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compete for the host nation in sochi in three years time the triple in big gold medalist in chile and multiple world championships to acquire a russian passport in october the twenty five year old is called the forefront is played in after failing to qualify for the. to the games last year but through his knee injury now probably he shall soon be gunning for north korea russia after donations for fifteen years ago russia gets to take a mobile phone only to short track events. finally he was the first ice hockey coach to win both the olympics and championships in the same here but now swedish legends bands are all good stuff so a face is another huge challenge this time on a top level after being given the task of guarding k h l one as our plans to the current cup glory and the fast approaching season really laughing young reports. itself in a narrow margin that separates millions of glory or moments of disappointment april twenty seventh this is seen drew aside a blanket infused with new life whether
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a kick militia leader made it to the daring cup finals where they were stuck just one step from the trophy bike a chill powerhouse sought your life however on the eve of the fourth kitchell season the magician and a looking to become even stronger. with their major reinforcements coming from sweden new head coach think this doesn't leave his country two olympic gold in turin two thousand and six and world championship victory in the same year this isn't this true it cleared blue and yellow ambitious expectations are is clear as daylight although gustafsson remains cautious it's tough to set a goal now we're going to win the championship on and of course everybody wants to win a part it's not a realistic goal right now but maybe during the season we will feel that you know we could be or should be out there so it's really tough. to set a goal right now whatever the fifty three year old is
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a precise understanding of what he wants his team to beat him are going to be like him but he's apparently asked for everything because we're going to be very active out there hardworking team. of course a lot of skilled players we have the best defense is a great author and so if you're playing your persona stuff we have the park to stop the other team to score so we take the park and we keep it for sixty minutes and i'm happy i can't definitely have the strength to play in that way with their frontline being the most impressive part of the team the close biggest signing alexei kovalev is the strongest proof of that one thousand nine hundred ninety two olympic champion and nine hundred ninety four stanley cup winner has always been considered one of the moves that russian players even the chill it's thirty eight year old superstar is no back to where she began and claims he still has the passion shine in the kid chill. run thing about makes me happy that i'm not i'm
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still for your arms the healthy i'm still playing hockey i still got a job and i'm still competing i'm still a fan of and have a chance to play in front of a power and enjoy that crowd the noise and everything else and that's not a bad thing about a band. while one of our clients other new signings. and passed it's far better to play with a star of the last caliber then against him use alleging ladies i play with and against him in the n.h.l. i was a young guy and you know he was here he has really good great hands and skating is really good and i'm happy to be on the same thing so the new season gets underway in three weeks time and it's a case of deja vu for plants to take on reigning champions so locked in a month will ring reprise off last season's final robot archie. and also sports news for this person i'll be back with another update in just under
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two hours the weather and news headlines are next. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on r t.
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